All India Inspirational story competition

Writing Competition

Matrubharti is happy to announce India’s first ever
“Inspirational Story Competition”
This is for Indians, Of Indians and By Indians


Let’s unite to inspire the next generation of India by the Inspirational stories of Real life Heros.
There are many unsung heros around us, they have contributed something real great to the society, this is the time to give them a recognition.

Find out these great people around you, talk to them, interview them and write their story in prescribed format.

Inspirational Stories Competition Terms and Conditions

  1. You have to interview a real person or you can write your own biographical inspirational story.
  2. Story should include following phases of life of the person you interview
    1. Childhood
    2. Studies
    3. Career
    4. Family
    5. Failures in Life
    6. Success in Life
  3. Narrate all phases of life as a story teller and not just statistics,
    no one prefers to read success in numbers.
  4. Maximum words per story should be 4500 and minimum should be 2000 words
  5. Matrubharti appoints judges for each competition
  6. Judges may contact the person you have interviewed to confirm the authentication of the story
  7. Biographies already available on MatruBharti will not be considered as competition entry
  8. Creativity and engaging factor would help you win the competition
  9. Content submitted for competition should be original,
    plagiarized content will not be entertained
  10. The story should inspire the reader.
  11. Write in any language you wish.

The person you interview could be a soldier, businessman, Social worker, Police, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, Athelete, Writer, Actor or any other ordinary person whose story can inspire many.

Prizes for the competition

5 Winners  will get Rs. 2500/- Each

10 Winners will get Rs. 1500/- Each

25 Winners will get Rs. 1000/- Each

Winning stories will be published on Matrubharti App as an eBook and will be available for free download to Lacs of Readers 

Inspiring stories facebook event

Send Your stories to ,
Last Date of sending entries is 13 November 2016

Hurry, Start writing, Good Luck

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