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Writer Praveen Pithadiya

Pravin Pithadaya is a businessman born in 1st November, 1975 in Surat originally from Bhavnagar. He is a commerce graduate and is currently doing business of wholesale ready made garments .

 His Inspiration

He didn’t have a specific reason for becoming a writer. From his childhood days he had craze of reading suspense stories. After reading all the stories of writers who had written suspense thriller stories in Gujarati, a question came to his mind, ‘now what to read?’ and thought of writing came to his mind. At that time very few writers wrote suspense and thrillers. He was motivated and inspired by famous writer Ashwini Bhatt.

 Interesting facts about him

He enjoys writing and feels happy when his readers appreciate his work. He writes part time but just loves doing it.  He is humble and never takes stress.

About First Story

He wrote his first story titled ‘No Return’ based on thriller suspense which he considers as favorite subject.

Contents Published and Appreciated

He has published 54 eBooks on Matrubharti named as ‘Nagar’, ‘Aankhen’, ‘Chequebook’, ‘Sabandh’, ‘Anjam’, ‘Nasib’, ‘Shekhar 2’, ‘No Return’ and few more. His story titled ‘No Return’ is the one which is also published in Navbharat publications in paperback format. He has published his two articles on daily hunt website. He prefers to write in his mother tongue language Gujarati and suspense thriller stories are his favorite category.

Source of Ideas

He gets his ideas from incidents occurring around him, news published in newspapers, Hollywood films and through some other sources which he thinks appealing. Most of them are based on real life which is filled with many shades and uncountable imaginations.

Authors and Books

His most favorite author is Ashwini Bhatt . After that he likes Harikishan Mehta, Kanu Bhagdev, Chetan Bhagat and Dr. Pradip Pandaya. His most favored books are ‘Ashka Mandal’, ‘Angaar’ and ‘Faaslo’ all penned down by Ashwini Bhatt.

Support in his Journey of Writing

In his journey of becoming a writer Ashwini Bhatt has been a tremendous source of inspiration. Although he has never met him personally but till today he considers him as his mentor. He always regrets that he could not meet him because of his sudden demise.

Experience with Matrubharti

When Matrubharti was known as Gujarati Pride few years back he came to know about it via Facebook. His first short story was published in ‘Hu Gujarati’ magazine through the efforts of Mr. Sidharth Chayya. Then Sidharth Chayya also introduced him to Matrubharti. So that became a turning point for him. He feels Matrubharti has breathed a new life in the field of literature. Matrubharti has given him a new identity of an established writer throughout the world.

What is LIFE for him

His philosophy of life is simple yet meaningful. Equating “Life” with a stage he asserts that just like on a stage you have to perform the act given to you in life also we are given certain roles and that we must perform to best of our abilities. People come and go but the stage remains. Every individual has to play and live their part of life. ‘It sounds bit out of films?’ he questions amusingly but he has a simple philosophy for life: eat, drink, and enjoy life. Do your work. Don’t try to create troubles for others.

Message For Readers

He considers his readers having good sense of understanding and as such they don’t need any advice or message, but he would like to add that don’t be impatient for knowing the suspense of a story because Alcohol and suspense, both give more pleasure and satisfaction the more they are churned.  

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