From Pen To Pictures: An Interesting Interview With Popular Writer-Journalist Aashu Patel

Aashu Patel

Well-Known Writer & Journalist, Aashu Patel sits on the other side of the table for a change, in an exclusive interview with Samayara well-known name in the world of Gujarati journalism, Aashu Patel is a self-made man who started his journey equipped only with dreams and fueled by his ambition. He came to Mumbai at a young age of 18 before three decades and that was the beginning of a struggle that took him to the highest peaks as a writer and

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Director Jayant Gilatar Announces Bilingual Suspense Thriller

IMG_20190401_161457 a

Director Jayant Gilatar Announces Bilingual Suspense Thriller Film To Be Based On Aashu Patel’s Blockbuster Gujrati Novel ‘Baat Ek Raat Ki’ Mumbai: J. J. Creations, producers of India’s first sports film in Gujrati, the upcoming GUJARAT 11 and award winning SADRAKSHANAAY AND RANNBHOOMI has taken rights of BAAT EK RAAT KI, a novel written by renowned Gujarati writer Aashu Patel to make a Gujarati Hindi bilingual film. This novel was published in a prominent Gujarati newspaper and in a leading Hindi national daily.  The film will be jointly directed and scripted by Jayant Gilatar and Aashu Patel.

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On the spot with Aashu Patel


‘માતૃભારતી.કોમ’  દ્વારા યોજાઈ ગુજરાતી અખબાર જગતના ધુરંધર લેખકોની  એક સફળ સંવાદ યાત્રા – ઓન ધ સ્પોટ ૧૪ મી એપ્રિલ , રવિવારની સાંજ , થ્રિલ , ફિલ અને ચીલ ની મિશ્ર લાગણીઓ થી ભરપુર રહી. આ અનોખી સાંજનું આયોજન હતું ‘માતૃભારતી.કોમ’ નું  કે જે વેબ સાઈટ અને મોબાઈલ એપ જેવા ડીજીટલ માધ્યમ થી સાહિત્ય નો પ્રચાર અને પ્રસાર કરી અવનવા સીમાચિન્હો સર કરી ચુકી છે. ઉપક્રમ હતો ગુજરાતી વર્તમાન પત્ર અને નવલકથા ક્ષેત્રે ખ્યાતી પામેલા લેખક શ્રી આશુ પટેલ ની ‘માતૃભારતી’

Author Diaries – Hiren Kavad

Hiren Kavad is a most celebrated author of Matrubharti. He had written a very famous novel called ‘The last year’ on Matrubharti. Take a look what he said about his experience of Matrubharti & his journey so far. He started to write from very early age. He believes that books can change the life. Reading played key factor role in his life. Hiren had written many short stories & publish with Matrubharti. You can read all short stories & novels from here.

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Author Diaries – Siddharth Chhaya

At the beginning of Matrubharti, Siddharth Chhaya is the author, who is connected since those days. His first novel ‘Shantanu’ was published on Matrubharti. He got an immense response on Matrubharti. Thereafter, he motivated & write ‘Saumitra’ & ‘Suneha’. Here, he is talking about his journey Take a look on this quicky & know what he thinks about Matrubharti, writing & response. You can read all short stories & novels from here.

A tribute to Tarak Mehta the humorist

Tarak mehta

Tarak Mehta, the legendary author of popular TV series Tarak Mehta ka ooltah chashmah is no more, he left for heavenly abode on 1st March 2017. He devoted his life for literature and made it reach to millions of people through his trade mark satire writing. He was a columnist  to popular media houses for decades and wrote episodes of “Duniya na Undha Chashma”. The legendary author was bringing the common man’s problems in front of people through his writing,

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writing comes naturally says Naresh Dodia

Naresh K Dodia

Naresh Dodia was born on 11th March, 1969 in Jamnagar. He is a SSC graduate and currently has his own steel business and dehydration plants manufacturing unit. Journey of a writer Writing is inspired by his soul. Nearly six years before he created account in Facebook and he joined many writers & poets who used to post their creations. He loved reading all different creations from different writers and so he made a decision about becoming one of them. Interesting

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A profound magnanimous writer: Dr Sharad Thaker

Sharad thaker

Dr. Sharad Thaker was born on 10th July, 1955 in Junagadh. He is a M.D and D.G.O graduate. Professionally he is a Gynecologist at Ahmedabad since 31 years and has a private nursing home. Journey of a writer: From the beginning he had interest in literature and so he has read almost more than 10,000 books till now. He has written poems during his graduation. In 1993 he had written article which was titled as ‘Jeevi ni Jevtar Katha’ based on

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A Scientist with professional writing skills- Parth Nanavati

Parth Nanavati Author

Parth Nanavati is a graduate with a degree of Master in Science. He was born in 25th July and his native is Anand. He is currently working as a Scientist in Medical Pathology laboratory in Sydney, Australia. He has professional experience of fifteen years. Journey of a writer It was not a childhood dream. However, later on he experienced the life around him like some incidents, events, other’s feelings and so on. That inspired him a lot and he thought

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Proficient Journalist and Crime fiction novelist Aashu Patel

aashu patel

Aashu Patel is a writer and journalist born in 18th July 1968 at Jamnagar. He is currently making an animation movie as writer /director and stays in Mumbai. Journey of becoming an author  He was working as an editor of a prominent newspaper and this was the phase when he thought to write novels and decided to become an author. He also started writing columns in various newspapers. Interesting thing about him He is an accidental novelist, working as a

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