17 Tips for new writers by Dr. Jitendra R. Raol

New writer tips

Interesting tips for new writers by Dr. Jitendra R Raol, a former scientist with government of India. Every story and article should have the beginning, one or more middle/s, and the end–a classical style. In fact, the style of item no. 1. can be repeated in every chapter of the story, if it suits the plot and the flow of the story. One can also utilize a flashback structure, and even a hybrid one. Some stories and articles can be

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Short Story writing Guide by Pradipkumar Raol

Story writing tips

Tips for becoming a writer. Writing is an art used since the “Cave Age” era. Ancient men used to write symbols and draw pictures on stones and walls of caves where he used to live. This they were doing it for communication purpose. We can learn much about their lives after so many years. We study and learn from books written by our ancients and contemporaries. That is how knowledge spread from one generation to the next generation. So never

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Short story writing tips by Vinita Shukla

Writing TIp

Vinita Shukla has shared her tips in Hindi for Short Story writers. नये लेखकों को, (कहानी) लेखन हेतु, कुछ सुझाव प्रेषित कर रही हूँ ; जो निम्नवत है- १- कथानक विषय के इर्द- गिर्द ही घूमना चाहिए. अर्थात कहानी का उद्देश्य, उसमें निहित संदेश के रूप में, उभरकर सामने आना चाहिए. विषय से भटकाने वाली घटनाएँ/ किसी एक घटना का आवश्यकता से अधिक विवरण, गैरजरूरी वाक्य/ शब्द कहानी से हटा देनी चाहियें. इससे कहानी में crispness आती है; उसका प्रभाव

Writing tips by Authors to Authors from Pallavi Mistry

Creative writing tips

લખવું = ઈચ્છા + પ્રયત્ન.        પલ્લવી જીતેન્દ્ર મિસ્ત્રી. ૧- લખવા માટેનું મટીરીયલ (પેપર, પેન, મોબાઈલ, કોમ્પ્યુટર, ટાઈપ રાઈટર) હાથવગું રાખો. ૨- હરતા – ફરતા કે કોઈપણ કામ કરતા લખવા બાબતે જે વિચાર આવે તેના પોઈન્ટ્સ ટપકાવી લો. ‘પછી લખી લઈશ’ એમ વિચારશો તો ક્યારેક મહત્વના પોઈન્ટ્સ ભૂલી જશો. ૩- લખેલા પોઈન્ટ્સ ના આધારે લેખનો ‘સબ્જેક્ટ/ટાઈટલ’ નક્કી કરો. અથવા સબ્જેક્ટ મનમાં નક્કી હોય તો એને આધારે વિચારીને પોઈન્ટ્સ લખો. ૪- નક્કી કરેલા સબ્જેક્ટ કે ટાઈટલ(મથાળું/શીર્ષક) ના આધારે લખવા વિચારેલા લેખ વિશે

Tips for Creative writing by Kavita Verma

writing tips

Writing is a social responsibility Writing is self esteem thoughts which come in your mind when you go through some new incident and your mind start thinking analyzing them. Many a times it happens when we read some story or poem or article and think we have better thoughts and ideas for it . It’s a sign that you can write. But writing needs patience. Here are some tips from Kavita Verma which can give you a guideline how to start

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Effective writing tips by Rajesh Kamal

writing tips

Learning is the ongoing process in life and that is true for authors too. We have started an author tips series by Authors to Author. Here are some effective tips suggested by Shri Rajesh Kamal The first step “What to write” is the first question that any writer new or old encounters. The answer lies in the proverb – “practice makes a man perfect”. Don’t waste time on deciding the genre, just buildup on the idea, let it flow and

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Expert Advise for Writers from Experienced Author Bhagwan Atlani

Author Tips

What if you learn from an expert and experienced author on how to write the best piece of content? Here we are presenting first set of tips suggested by Shri Bhagwan Atlani for new authors. Experiences that touch the heart of the writer, designed in a way to feel them real should be penned. Never depict the experiences in a way so that image of a particular person is tarnished. Imagination and experience should be so closely intermingled that the

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A Scientist with professional writing skills- Parth Nanavati

Parth Nanavati Author

Parth Nanavati is a graduate with a degree of Master in Science. He was born in 25th July and his native is Anand. He is currently working as a Scientist in Medical Pathology laboratory in Sydney, Australia. He has professional experience of fifteen years. Journey of a writer It was not a childhood dream. However, later on he experienced the life around him like some incidents, events, other’s feelings and so on. That inspired him a lot and he thought

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