17 Tips for new writers by Dr. Jitendra R. Raol

New writer tips

Interesting tips for new writers by Dr. Jitendra R Raol, a former scientist with government of India.

  1. Every story and article should have the beginning, one or more middle/s, and the end–a classical style.
  2. In fact, the style of item no. 1. can be repeated in every chapter of the story, if it suits the plot and the flow of the story.
  3. One can also utilize a flashback structure, and even a hybrid one.
  4. Some stories and articles can be written completely in the style of ‘cartoons’, although this might be a difficult proposition, in that case the article could be crisp, apt and exciting.
  5. In the case of item no. 4. one can be satirical, with a comic (-al) style exemplified by the drawn cartoons.
  6. The cartoons can be simple and may be borrowed from the non-copyrighted sources. One can take help of an expert cartoonist.
  7. The idea in item no. 5. is to ‘hit’ the notorious offenders of the uniformity of laws (most people and communities in India follow this, if not all), normal living style, prevailing peace and harmony in the society, and any such noble aspects, if not so noble at least good aspects.
  8. An article can also be written in the fashion of a daisy-chain, something like interweaving from a paragraph to a paragraph and gradually unfolding the secrets of the story.
  9. Some famous and award-winning authors have written their stories in such a way, that several paragraphs (even pages) are only continuous sentences, with the full stop only at the end of the paragraph, or a page, or several pages.
  10. The item no. 9 might only emerge from natural flow of thought process that is completed, locally, only at the end of the paragraph, or a page, or after several pages, in some cases only after the chapter is over. One should carefully venture into this.
  11. The title of the article should clearly convey what is forthcoming in the story, even if the title is unconventional.
  12. In most cases there should be a clear-cut message somewhere in the story, or at least in the end part of the story.
  13. The flow should be smooth, lucid, and occasionally leading to some surprises.
  14. The article should have been checked by the author for spelling, grammar and the structure of the sentences.
  15. It would be better for a novice and an enthusiastic author to get his/her article checked by some experienced author/s.
  16. The work of other authors should be given due credits and acknowledgments, if some of their ideas, notions, and work are used in the new story.
  17. More articles should be written on socially relevant issues like: garbage management, problems faced by women and children of all walk of life, health management for the elderly and aged people, environmental issues (noise, water, air pollution), use of scientific ideas in our life style, and technical experiences of the authors.

Dr. Jitendra Raol is a former senior scientist from a central govt research laboratory. He has published 120 technical, research papers and 6 technical books, all the latter by International publishers from the United Kingdom, and USA. He has written 300 poems, free verses, and are published in one book from Traffold publishing, USA, and in three books from pothi.com. He has bachelors, master s and doctoral degrees in electrical engineering. He has been emeritus professor with the MSRIT private college affiliated to VTU, Bangalore. He is mentor of faculty members and He guides some of them for their doctoral research .

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