Matrubharti is an awesome group of people, we want to make internet reachable and readable place for people educated in vernacular languages.

India is a country of languages, the states of India are named after the languages spoken here and it is unity with diversity culture that has made India an awesome democracy. We at Matrubharti want to make this even better with our initiatives of reading and writing tools on internet in our own regional languages.

Matrubharti is on the mission of making reading as a practice for all.
We have created a Self-Publishing Tool for authors to publish their regional stories, these stories are available to readers for reading on their mobile phones.

Matrubharti has given an authentic self-publishing platform to publish content to many new and aspiring writers in regional languages.

The content reaches to wide variety of readers in the form of fiction, stories, biographies, articles, novels and many such genres. Our content is short and cute. The longest literature is converted to episodic novels. Long biographies are described as summary, this makes the life easier for readers of today’s generation.

Matrubharti App is social. Users can share their reading experience with friends and family, they interact with authors in real-time.

Connecting India by languages and literature with culture is sole objective of existence of Matrubharti.

Know more about Our Team or Contact us for any questions you might have.

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