Letters of Gratitude – Letter writing competition August 2022

letters of gratitude writing competition

We are back with bang again. Matrubharti is trying to bring the best from Authors and make it available to the readers across the world. We have taken a special subject this time considering the festival season in India. We have our near and dear ones, we have friends and family and sometimes unknown people around us, they have helped us or they have made us feel good many times. This is the time to express gratitude towards those individuals.

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Results of Summer Story Carnival- May 2022

summer story carnival Matrubharti

We are happy to announce the results of Summer Story Carnival – May 2022 by Matrubharti. We received over 100 entries for this competition. It was not easy to judge for our prominent judges, we had to take extra time to declare results, finally here we are with results in each language. We are congratulating the participants and special wishes for winners.

Summer Story Carnival at Matrubharti

Get ready for the thrill ride in Summer. Matrubharti presents Summer Story Carnival, May 2022 Write stories in 3-5 Episodes, preferred subjects are Love, Hate and Crime. You can write story in languages published by Matrubharti.com You can use all 3 subjects in one story or any of those in the story and prepare a word doc/ google doc, send the word doc or google doc to us on or before 31st May 2022 by email on info@matrubharti.com Rules of

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Talent Ka adda, A talent showcase show presented by Matrubharti


  🌹 TALENT का अड्डा🌹 VIBRANT SKY TO SHOW YOUR TALLENT અમે લઈને આવ્યા છીએ એક અનોખો ટેલેન્ટ શો નાના બાળકથી લઇ દરેક વ્યક્તિ માં કોઈ ને કોઈ કલા છુપાયેલી હોય છે. માનવી માત્ર જન્મથી જ વિવિધ કલા ધરાવતો હોય છે. પરંતુ સમય, સંજોગો અને યોગ્ય તક કે પ્લેટફોર્મ ના મળવાના ના કારણે આ કલા છુપી રહી જાય છે. આથી, અમે લઈને આવ્યા છીએ… 🔅આપના માટે એક પ્લેટફોર્મ લઈને.. 🔅આપની કલા ને વિસ્તરવા માટે વાયબ્રન્ટ આકાશ 🔅 આપની પ્રતિભાને ફેલાવવા

Book Review writing contest on Matrubharti, last date 31 Dec 2021

Book Review Contest

Hey Lovely Authors, This is the last contest of the year 2021 and we are excited to see your entries for it. You have been writing some interesting stories on Matrubharti, those stories have entertained millions of users on our platform. We thank you for such a great work you have been putting for your followers. Now this is one more opportunity for you to thrill your readers with your another skill of writing, a Book Review Writing contest .

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Navratri Story Festival 2021 on Matrubharti

Navratri Story Festival Matrubharti 2021

Navratri is the time for Bhakti and Maa Shakti. This is also the time when many new stories take shape in millions of lives. Some get a new purpose of life and some get new partners of life. What is that story that comes in your mind? Are you ready for the Navratri Story Festival? Here is the chance to win a one year premium subscription of Matrubharti. Post a Story of any subject in any language between 7th to

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Matrubharti Monsoon Story Challenge July 2021 Winners

We are happy to announce winners under various languages and categories for the most prominent yearly competition of writing under the title of Monsoon Story Challenge July 2021, presented by Matrubharti Here are the winners and their stories in different languages Gujarati Story Writer Rank હર્ષ હર્ષિતાની તન્વી Sandip Joshi 1 પ્રેમ સેતુ – હ્રદયથી હ્રદયનો સેતુ Rinku Shah 2 સ્નેહ નીતરતી સાંજ Jasmina Shah 3 મેઘધનુષને પાર Aakash Kadia 3 સર્જક Vs સર્જન Bimal Raval 3 પહેલી મુલાકાત વરસાદમાં

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વાર્તા થી વાંચીકમ – વાર્તા લેખન સ્પર્ધા

વાર્તા થી વાંચીકમ વાર્તા લેખન સ્પર્ધા સસ્પેન્સ થ્રિલર અથવા લવ સ્ટોરી કોઈ એક વિષય પર 1000 થી 1500 શબ્દોમાં વાર્તા લખો અને અમને મોકલો. શ્રેષ્ઠ 5 વાર્તાઓને મળી શકે છે સ્ટોરીટેલ એપમાં ઓડિયો વાર્તા પ્રકાશનની તક, અને સાથેજ રૂ 1500 રોકડ પુરસ્કાર. આ સ્પર્ધા માતૃભારતી અને સ્ટોરીટેલની પહેલ છે, કે જેથી વાર્તાઓને મળે વોઇસ મળે ને વધુ લોકો સુધી વાત પહોંચે. વાર્તા અહીં મોકલો : story@matrubharti.com છેલ્લી તારીખ : 25 જુલાઈ 2021 ( વાર્તા બીજા કોઈપણ પ્લેટફોર્મ પર પ્રકાશિત હોવી જોઈએ

Monsoon story challenge by Matrubharti

Monsoon Story challenge Write a fiction story in 3 episodes Minimum 3000 words Send on story@matrubharti.com ( Any Indian Language) Prizes 1st prize Rs 3000 2nd prize 2100 3rd prize Rs 1200 ( 3 people) Consolation prize Rs 900 ( 5 people) Last Date of submission : 30 July 2021. ( Whatsapp : +91 88 66 43 7373)

Laghunaval Writing Competition in 9 Languages

Laghunaval writing in 9 languages

Laghunaval writing Competition Write 10 Episodes Novel English, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam First Prize Rs. 5100 Second Prize Rs 2100 5 Consolation prizes Rs 1500 ( Prizes in Each language separately ) All The winners will get a certificate from Matrubharti send entries on info@matrubharti.com with subject “Laghunaval Competition” Date : 21st October to 21st November 2020 Rules of competition  Each Episode should be of 1000+ words Entries to be submitted in word file with your name, phone number, email id

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