Summer Story Carnival at Matrubharti

Get ready for the thrill ride in Summer.

Matrubharti presents

Summer Story Carnival, May 2022

Write stories in 3-5 Episodes, preferred subjects are Love, Hate and Crime.

You can write story in languages published by

You can use all 3 subjects in one story or any of those in the story and prepare a word doc/ google doc,

send the word doc or google doc to us on or before 31st May 2022 by email on

Summer story carnival

Rules of the competition 

  1. Send the original stories and non published stories
  2. Plagiarism is not encouraged.
  3. No translated stories allowed
  4. No film stories are allowed
  5. Be yourself and give yourself space to create next big story of India.

Selected stories might be evaluated for web series production by Matrubharti and associated productions. 

Matrubharti is self publishing platform for writers

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