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Writer Bhavisha Gokani

Bhavisha Gokani was born in 5 September 1984. She is from Jamkhambhaliya, Devbhoomi Dwarka, Gujarat. She is a primary school teacher and a graduate with P.T.C and M.Com degrees.

Inspiration of becoming a writer

During her childhood days, she was fond of reading which developed into a hobby. It inspires her lot and she finally decided to narrate her thoughts in writing. She was greatly inspired by a writer named Harish Mahuwakar from Bhavnagar.

Interesting facts about her

In the beginning of her journey as a writer she sent her articles to many Newspapers but they denied publishing them giving her the excuse of pending articles. But she kept her courage and went to meet a well known owner of an on-line book selling store.

She still remembers that talking sweetly, A Publisher advised her to become famous as a writer first then only something can happen. Now, the question was how to become famous? The world was not going to help her if she has not established herself as a writer.

This is the usual trend, an unwritten law in this field, and she was new in writing profession. Who can come forward for an unknown writer?  This way, due to this utter professionalism and money making attitude of hard-copy publishers many budding writers are nipped in the beginning. That day she came back home all the time wondering ‘how to become famous.’ Now, if no one is prepared to give her a chance how she will be known to her readers. In this dilemma, by stroke of luck she happened to meet Nivarozin Rajkumar and thereafter everything changed. But in those difficult days she kept her resilience and didn’t lose hope. She is indebted to her husband who was constantly by her side and is still supporting her. With new vigor her speed and expertise increased. With the help of Matrubharti she feels that her passion of writing is blooming and also feels contended for becoming an established writer on “Matrubharti.” Besides that being engaged in her teaching job and responsibilities of a house wife, in her routine life she has also focused on her hobby which is writing and this shows her PASSION towards writing and it is a motivating factor for others too. Because of her passion she has penned down eighty-four articles from her busy routine life…What a prolific writer!

Contents Published and Appreciated

She has written nearly 84 articles in Gujarati language out of which 68 are published in Matrubharti like ‘Bungalow no 313’ and “Sannata Nu Rahasya” were published as serial novels.  About 15 of her eBooks are published on different platforms such as Pratilipi, Daily Hunt, Vicharyatra magazine and Tofani Kanudo. She prefers to write in Gujarati language and her favorite categories are suspense, horror and love.

 Forming Ideas

Ideas come in her mind by reading more and more books and the happenings around her daily life. Her articles are based on real life incidents with a mixture of imaginations.

 Authors and Books she likes

She considers Chetan Bhagat as her favorite author. Three books which she likes most are ‘Aayano’ by Ashwini Bhatt, ‘Veronika Decides to Die’ by Paulo Coelho and ‘Half Girl Friend’ by Chetan Bhagat.

 Support in her Journey of Writing

She considers her spouse, the most supportive person because he motivates and gives her courage in her entire phase of writing.

Few words for Matrubharti

Until July 2015 she was unaware about Matrubharti when one of her friends Jagruti Gokani gave her information about this self publishing platform. After being in communication with Nivarozin Rajkumar she came to know about Matrubharti. She appreciates Matrubharti for giving her opportunity as a new author. She enjoys reading many eBooks in Matrubharti, also. She is grateful to Matrubharti for getting many readers and fans by publishing her novels. It also gives substantial remuneration to budding authors.

Her thoughts on ‘LIFE’

LIFE is a DREAM, and she thinks that individual’s dream should always be good.

 Message for Readers

Her message to readers: ‘LIFE is too short, So Always be Happy.’  She knows that readers want new ideas on different subjects and they love to read horror, suspense and love stories more. And she is prepared to give them in her stories.

Matrubharti is self publishing platform for writers

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  • Very inspiring Bhavisha. Wishing u Many more achivements.

  • Read Bhavishaji Gokani interview. It’s tough to begin from nowhere and end in a great nane on e world. The journey of her writing itself is a story. What’s up on way? Being a thriller story writer she knows it. Well she would inspire many. Hope she turns now to print media. MATRUBHARTI Congratulations for a fab. Interview.

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