Expert Advise for Writers from Experienced Author Bhagwan Atlani

Author Tips

What if you learn from an expert and experienced author on how to write the best piece of content?

Here we are presenting first set of tips suggested by Shri Bhagwan Atlani for new authors.

  1. Experiences that touch the heart of the writer, designed in a way to feel them real should be penned.
  2. Never depict the experiences in a way so that image of a particular person is tarnished.
  3. Imagination and experience should be so closely intermingled that the imagination looks a reality.
  4. The presentation of the theme and content should be catchy.
  5. Even if the theme is philosophical or highly intellectual,presentation should be as lucid as possible.
  6. The expression should be in a straight and not in a flowery language.A use of difficult vocabulary should be avoided.
  7. In order to avoid use of difficult words of a particular language,difficult Urdu/English words should not be substituted.
  8. The title should necessarily be catchy and indicative.This task may be made easy by writing a few titles on a rough sheet pre/post hand and finally select one of them.
  9. The title should lull the  reader to feel inclined to go through the write up on priority basis.
  10. The beginning should not allow the reader to forecast the conclusion.
  11. The write up forwards into the direction set by the contents.The conclusive part should be so framed that a brief of the mindset of the writer is understood by the reader but the thirst to read each word increases.
  12. The subject matter should preferably be exclusive.A reader should never feel that the subject matter is pre known.
    -Based on personal practices, humbly suggested by Bhagwan Atlani
    He is Former Officer, State Bank of India
    Presently free lancer writer and journalist
    12 in Hindi, 8 in Sindhi, 7 translations total 27 books. These include 7 novels, 6 collections of stories, 4 plays, 4 collections of one-act-plays, 3 collections of essays, one story book for neo literates and one collection of representative works. More than 1200 contributions published in various periodicals/magazines/newspapers.

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