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Learning is the ongoing process in life and that is true for authors too. We have started an author tips series by Authors to Author. Here are some effective tips suggested by Shri Rajesh Kamal

The first step

“What to write” is the first question that any writer new or old encounters. The answer lies in the proverb – “practice makes a man perfect”. Don’t waste time on deciding the genre, just buildup on the idea, let it flow and make its own path.


Inspirational moment

There are moments when a spark flashes through our imagination. Be ready to capture it. Pen down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t bother if it seems too generic or far-fetched. Just write it in a few words so that you can expand it later.


The writer’s block

There will be times when you will be short of imagination, words or zeal. Don’t waste time and energy on struggling to write. Read other writers instead. This will ease off the anxiety.


Situation or Character

There are write-ups that are primarily governed by situations. Horror, Suspense and comedy are great examples of it. Drama and romance are more governed by the traits of their characters. However, a balanced combination of both will keep your readers engaged till end.


Final word

Ask yourself a question – Why do I want to write? Be reminded that people will remember you by the words you have penned. So be careful with each word.

Rajesh Kamal is from Jamshedur, He is a  person with a technical background but love to express himself. He wants to explore the world, not in terms of places but also the people, culture, beliefs, art, sports, cuisines and whatever he can find. He also wants to explore himself, what he is and what he is capable of.

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