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Writing is a social responsibility
Writing is self esteem thoughts which come in your mind when you go through some new incident and your mind start thinking analyzing them. Many a times it happens when we read some story or poem or article and think we have better thoughts and ideas for it . It’s a sign that you can write. But writing needs patience. Here are some tips from Kavita Verma which can give you a guideline how to start writing .
  1. First you find out in which stream you want to write story poetry article or short story.
  2. Read more and more in that stream and ensure you read good and renowned writers . Select writers carefully go on good sites don’t go on social media being member of a good library can help .
  3. When some thoughts come in your mind write notes of it and think many aspects of that topic .
  4. Write down your thoughts if its an article read more about it ,if its a story or poem read it twice and leave it for a week .
  5. For story or poem read it again after a week and find out what you think is good or what is not appropriate , which word is suitable which incident is not required . Remember you need to be harsh for your own write up . May be you need to discard a large portion of your write up . Don’t hesitate to do that , take a pencil and cut it .
  6. Put star to the place where you need to add something and write it down .
  7. Remember leave space between paragraphs can help you editing your draft .
  8. Read it twice and leave it for some days and repeat the same process .
  9. Remember reading in different time and different mood gives you a sight to understand and getting various meanings of your write up .
  10. Don’t be fond of publishing . Write read edit and when you are 100% satisfied with your write-up then send it to publish.
  11.  And the most important writing is a social responsibility ensure your writing is showing a way to society and not giving a weird thought to immature minds .

Kavita Verma is from Indore, She writes articles, stories, short stories on social matters. A story collection is published by the name of ‘parchhaiyon ke ujale’ .

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