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Parth Nanavati Author

Parth Nanavati is a graduate with a degree of Master in Science. He was born in 25th July and his native is Anand. He is currently working as a Scientist in Medical Pathology laboratory in Sydney, Australia. He has professional experience of fifteen years.

Journey of a writer

It was not a childhood dream. However, later on he experienced the life around him like some incidents, events, other’s feelings and so on. That inspired him a lot and he thought of jotting down all the real life incidents and he eventually became a writer.

He considers himself as boring and he is ready to accept it which is really an interesting thing about him. He is an accidental novelist. Biggest constraint for him is time otherwise he has lots to express. The process of writing gives him immense pleasure and happiness.

First writing experience

In the year 2013 he wrote his first book titled ‘TER- Thirteen Short Stories’ which  portrays different kinds of human emotions, conflicts and triumphs in a very unique narrative style.

 Contents published and most appreciated

He has written around 25 stories which are written in Gujarati language as he prefers writing in Gujarati language. His stories are published in prominent Gujarati magazines such as Chitralekha, Web-gurjari and Mamata.

He has also published his stories titled Gujarat Mail 12902 down’, ‘Katha Ek Kisanni’ and ‘Avsad Nagar’ in popular application ‘Matrubharti.’


His favorite writers are Ashwini Bhatt, Chandrakant Bakshi and John Grisham.

Supportive individuals throughout his journey of writing

He is indebted to his family members and friends who have always supported him throughout his writing journey.

Views about Matrubharti

One of his friends suggested him about Matrubharti. Afterwards, he communicated with Mr. Mahendra Sharma. They did discussion about how the articles and stories are published in Matrubharti. He really feels that Matrubharti is a good platform where authors can publish their stories and articles. It is giving exposer to new writers to publish their novels/articles so people all over the world can read it, the thoughts of writers can now be read by larger section of population and does not have to be dependent on a “print media.” 

Being a writer (general aspects):

For him a writer should have at least four qualities in him:

  • Honesty
  • Hardwork
  • Understanding of Language
  • Grammar and Vocabulary.

He ventures out few tips for upcoming authors,

  • Be Honest
  • Observation is a must
  • You should have command and control over language.
  • You don’t become a writer if you want to gain money or fame because writing requires lots of hard work and dedication.

He considers that writing is a process you have to work for yourself. You have to write where the story is happening and you have to be there mentally. To him writing process gives him enjoyment and he feels happy when the readers appreciate his stories.

Difficulties faced in writing journey

For him time is the biggest problem. He can write but he is not getting time to write from his busy schedule. There are lots of stories he wants to jot down which are untold and waiting to be told.

Matrubharti is self publishing platform for writers

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