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Jagruti Vakil was born in Kutch district in 12th August 1971 and she is holding degrees in BSc. and B.Ed. She is a Secondary Teacher in ‘Matruchhaya Kannaya Vidhayala’ in Bhuj since 1996 and teaches subjects like Maths and Science.

Inspiration of becoming a writer

Her interest for reading and writing inspired her to become a writer. Also she got inspired by her favorite writers such as Sharad Thakar, Kajal Oza Vaidya, Mahendra Meghani and few more.

 Interesting facts about her

The most interesting fact about her is that she is engaged in many events such as social awareness, environment protection, Guide and advisor to many educational institutes; it seems that imparting education is in her blood. We have here a very versatile author and multifaceted personality. Definitely she is one of the bests in her profession of teaching wining many awards and accreditation but surprisingly she has been able to devote her time and energies to other fields as well. This is very demanding but not for herself.  This clearly indicates that she has a holistic approach towards life. She is “a writer who implements her writings.”

 Step towards writing: Her first article

She wrote her first article in the year 2011 titled ‘Lalchamani Jaherkhabaro’ for Aajkal Dainik newspaper.

 Contents Published and Appreciated

She has contributed many articles, books and research papers in newspapers and magazines. She has written 14 eBooks and 6 books published in many categories. She prefers to write in her favorite language which is Gujarati and so she has written all her contents in Gujarati. She has published 14 of her eBooks in Matrubharti such as Puran Prakritinu Hard 1’, ‘Puran Prakritinu Hard 2’, ‘Puran Prakritinu Hard 3’, ‘Dikri Devo Bhava’, ‘Prakruti Saathe Chaliye’, ‘Panchtatvo Saathe Jeevan’, ‘Rutuchakra’, ‘Jeevanni Pathshala’, ‘Maanoghadtar’, ‘Shikshan ane Kealvni’, ‘Pustako:Khisama Rakhelo Bagicho, ‘Love Marriage/Arrange Marriage and ‘Children Story: Urja Rakhsha adhrika baby’s adhrika project.’ Her most downloaded and liked eBook by readers in Matrubharti Website is ‘Mano ghadtar’ inspirational article.

 Establishing Ideas

She catches her ideas from social life, teaching profession, real-life and imagination.

Authors and Books

Her favorite authors are Gunvant Shah, SharadThakar, Kajal Oza Vaidya, Ankit Trivedi, Harindra Dave, Mahendra Meghani, Suresh Dalal and Pratibha Kotecha.

Favorite books are ‘Angadno pag’ by Haresh Dholakia, ‘Krushnayan’ by Kajal Oza and Bhagwad Gita.

 Support in her Journey of Writing

She considers Kajal Oza Vaidya helpful in the style of writing.

Matrubharti’s contribution to her career

She came to know about ‘Matrubharti’ in 2015 through mobile application named ‘Gujarati Pride’. She gives credit to ‘Matrubharti’ because through Matrubharti she is now also recognized as a writer of eBooks. Matrubharti has provided a very useful platform for new and upcoming and lesser known authors. This has also helped the new generation to develop interest for reading.

 Awards and Social Works

  • Best Secondary Teacher in State Award by Rajyapal and CM of Gujarat
  • Best teacher award 2015 from Sandipani Vidhya Niketan Trust, Sandipani
    Vidhyaguru Award- this is for best teachers of Kachchh and Saurashtra.
  • Guru Gaurav Award’ by Bhagavati Dham Mandal, Bhuj in the year 2016.
  • Launched one book on her birthday last year and similarly launched five books this year also. What a commendable feat!
  • Best Math’s Teacher award of Gujarat – 2016 given by All India Math’s Club.
  • Contributed fourteen e-books on net which cover wide range of subjects and topics.
  • She has won many prizes and awards in essay and story writing competitions both at National and District level.
  • In the classrooms she invents and employs new techniques to make the subjects like Science and Math interesting.
  • She was selected as Escort and Guide Teacher at Chandigarh University, Punjab. She was one of seven teachers selected from Gujarat.
  • Counseling to students who are appearing for board exams by giving lectures and conducting seminars.
  • Took active part in the mother tongue enhancement project in the state of Gujarat.

She is also a member in various trusts such as:

  • ‘Vrukhsmitra’ – environmental organization.
  • ‘Sahajivan Paryavaran Sanstha.’
  • Vivekananda research/ training institute- Mandavi.
  • ‘Jalstrotra sneh sanvardhan samiti’ – kachchh.
  • Institute of youth development.
  • ‘Ashapura Mahila Mandal’, Mundra relocation site, Bhuj.
  • Adviser in many educational institutes.
  • ‘Paryavaran himayati juth’, member core committee, Bhuj.

She has also taken part in many social activities such as helping poor, orphans and those who have nobody to care for them. Also gives her time and energy for activities which are beneficial for environment protection like tree plantation, cleanliness drive and many more. Other fields of her interest in which she contributes actively are nutritious food distribution for malnourished children. She also helps in plantation of plants which has medicinal use such as “Tulsi.” Distribution of cotton bags and books to deprived children. The list is endless for her social activities.

Opinions about LIFE

‘Life is living fully’ is what she things another name for life.

Her message to readers

Always look for the good virtues in others while ignoring bad traits.Whatever we do we must do it with zeal and try to give our best. And that too without expecting   some rewards. Always have positivism regarding life.  


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