Navratri Story Festival 2021 on Matrubharti

Navratri Story Festival Matrubharti 2021

Navratri is the time for Bhakti and Maa Shakti.

This is also the time when many new stories take shape in millions of lives.

Some get a new purpose of life and some get new partners of life.

What is that story that comes in your mind?

Are you ready for the Navratri Story Festival?

Here is the chance to win a one year premium subscription of Matrubharti.

Post a Story of any subject in any language between 7th to 15th October 2021.
All the story writers will get a free one year premium subscription of Matrubharti.

Premium subscription means a lot for users like

  1. Access to premium Novels for a year
  2. Access to unlimited reading per day for a year
  3. Access to unlimited author account for a year
  4. Ads free access across the platform except videos
  5. Read offline in library


Matrubharti is self publishing platform for writers

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