A profound magnanimous writer: Dr Sharad Thaker

Sharad thaker

Dr. Sharad Thaker was born on 10th July, 1955 in Junagadh. He is a M.D and D.G.O graduate. Professionally he is a Gynecologist at Ahmedabad since 31 years and has a private nursing home.

Journey of a writer:

From the beginning he had interest in literature and so he has read almost more than 10,000 books till now. He has written poems during his graduation. In 1993 he had written article which was titled as ‘Jeevi ni Jevtar Katha’ based on true story. He had decided that if he gets any response from readers in six months then only he will continue to write. Around after 5 months 15 days he received an appreciation letter from one young lawyer saying that he reads his columns daily and he likes it. After that till today he has received almost 12,000 letters from his readers and all the love of his readers inspired him to keep going.

Interesting things about him:

He is a profound writer well versed with many formats. With the profession which demands total dedication his achievements in the field of literature is amazing and is really a herculean task. But writing is not a task for him; it is his love and passion. He is a reformist at his heart and many of his stories are inspirational for the masses. For example his article about Jamnagar’s Orthopedic Dr. Maheshvari in ‘Dr. Ni Diary’ column is one such inspirational real life story.         

First writing 

His first article was written for Chitralekha in 1992 and was written in response to demand by Harikishan Mehta.

 Contents published and most appreciated

He has written 65 books so far including short stories, novels, biographies, translations and pen pictures. He prefers to write true stories in Gujarati language. He has published almost 15 eBooks in Matrubharti and his eBook titled ‘Dr. Ni Diary’ is highly appreciated. He is writing ‘Ranma Khilyu Gulab’ since 1995 and ‘Dr. Ni Diary’ since 1993 in leading Gujarati Newspaper. He is also a recipient of many state level and national awards for his literary works. He also gives update on his blog named ‘drsharadthakar.com.’ His few other books are ‘Vagda Vache Tahuko’, ‘Bhitar Bhinu Aakash’, ‘Sabda Kalash’ , ‘Chopat’, ‘Tan Tulsi Man Mogaro’ and many more available online.

Writers and books which inspire him

His favorite writers are Kanaiyalal Munsi, Jhaverchand Meghani and Pannalal Patel. Three novels titled ‘Sinhpurush’, ‘Eklo jaane re’ and ‘Shwas vishwas’ are his favorites which are written by him and also there are more than 100 books written by other authors which are his favorite.

Appreciating Matrubharti

For him Matrubharti is doing a fabulous job for Gujarati Readers.

 Advice to one who wish to become a writer

For him one should do lots of reading and observe the world properly before writing. According to him one must have inborn quality to write. He must read and write consistently well.

Being a writer

According to him it varies from individual to individual what a successful writer feels but he gets catharsis of his feelings when he writes something good.

 Views about LIFE

We have been blessed by human life so we should do good karma and make life successful.

Message for readers

            He wants to share one positive message to all his readers that ‘In this world everything is not bad, there is still more worth to live.’ He has many things to say but since it may become longer his advice for readers is keep reading his eBooks in Matrubharti because he would be expressed through them.

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    dr.sharad thaker a magnificent writer 0f dr ni diary and ranma khiyu gulab is my favourite writer.i am regularly reading him on line in australia. being a famous dr,writer he was invited as chief guest at my installation ceremony at godhra of panchmahals district by conference organisorrs.his heart touching speech was appreciated by one and all of 500 drs and dignitories. DR,T,H,SAHERWALA [ PRESIDENT. GUJARAT PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATION ]

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