Kolkata Literature Festival

KLF kolkata literature festival

If literature has to find it’s roots, it would begin from none other than Kolkata, the city known for it’s culture and literature since centuries. Many creators of awesome literary work are from this city. The city of trams, the city of Durga Pooja, the city of Rabindranath Tagore and The city of Academy Award winner Bharat Ratna Shri Satyajit Ray.

Kolkata Literature Festival is landmark event of the city that briings readers, writers, film makers, drama artists, musicians and all literary professionals at one stage. The event is scheduled from 2 to 4 Feb 2017 at SBI Auditorium under Kolkata Book fair exhibition.  The fest will be inaugurated with music performance by Culcutta Chamber Orchestra from Culcutta school of Music.

50 Bollywood movies that changed Bollywood will be discussed on the stage, while Actor Manoj Bajpayees will also appear for a discussion panel led by Shubhra Gupta.  The festival will be full on expressions regarding vernacular version of literature and it’s reach. The talk on new audience and new writing is going to be very interesting. The English literature and it’s translated versions will also be top of the topics along with musical ending of the days everyday.

Divya dutta will be another Bollywood celebrity participating in the literature festival on her talk with Anjum Katyal for her book “Me and Maa”. Social change, Poetry, International literature is going to be talked by well known authors and personalities during the Kolkata Literature festival.

The last day of the fest will have some amazing sessions by celebrity writer and Bengali himself Durjoy Dutta. You will also listen to Laxmi, the flag bearer of the revolutionary moment for transgenders on the concluding day of the event. The big event will be concluded with the discussions of Chetan Bhagat and Monideepa Banerjie.

The schedule of the Kolkata Literature Festival

Kolkata is the mecca of Literature, Matrubharti Self Publishing Platform is wishing lots of luck to the organizers and participants for the grand success of the event.

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