Review of Nagar by Tejas Gadani

nagar by pravin pithadiya

Author Praveen Pithadiya’s eposidic thriller “Nagar” is approaching towards an end but the excitement continues in readers. Here is the feedback of one of his fan.

Hello pravinbhai, kem 6o..
First of all sorry i was away for long time. But cant keep myself far from reading you. Just started today Nagar 1 and completed till 20.
Each and every episode urges a little more and more. Your way to make inanimate thing speak is definatley showing your love to ashwini dada. He is master of it we all know. The way in starting the Vibhutinagar, you had crafted beautifully..the temple description was itself speaking of its glory.. then comes the actual characters.
Aanchal a symbolic modern yet traditional Indian girl, ishan as a dynamic and charming hero and Elizabeth the foreign beauty. All perfectly woven character to the story.. and then comes your specialty i.e suspense. Stating from the Bruno murder. That set the tempo and then it went on and on.
The cold blooded murders in the mid of the sea stunned me as a reader.
The person on that ghost ship was so imaginary demon. Then you added through purple part of the story the mysterious trunk and its contents Luke singing watch and mirror. I loved the mystery and mugger you created by the hallmark thing and the impact of it is drastic.. And then starts absolute thunderstorm..
everything is ferocious…starting from  the mystery telling of 150 years old to that lead all of this to that dead body room scene and also the Ishan car accident scene ending with the sudden death of tea hawker with burning hallmark in the air…it stunned…
this time you had created a really dark and horror atmosphere…
every chapter has a screening environment. And still at chapter 20 mystery is to be continued…its awesome.
Too many dead storks in this and each chapter comes to an end with utmost illusion…will not be able to stay away from reading another 16 episodes..its a mass with the class horror suspense story dancing and juggling..bouncing and crunching the heartbeats with the ghastly word power. I am on to this..
The review was given by Tejas Gadani, who is a follower of Pravin Pithadia, the thriller writer on Matrubharti.

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