Is habit of reading dead ?

Is habit of reading dead ?


Nowadays, our population is mainly comprised of the working class who spend the majority of their times in offices. There are some diehard readers who are habitual to reading a lot of books. But, when a passionate reader comes home from office, eats food, and goes to bed for a reading session, they fall asleep with the book lying on their chest and the side lamp on. People don’t have the energy to complete the whole book, sometimes even in months. But many people look at books as teachers and mentors, seeking inspiration and motivation through good books. For such readers, short tales will always come to the rescue.

Short tales fulfil the person’s thirst for reading, and provide strong morals as well. When a person is not in the mood to indulge in big novels, short stories prove to be handy for them. Books of Sudha Murthy, or short classical tales, have always been personal favourites. To write a short tale is in itself a challenge. But to understand what those few words should convey is a challenge in itself. The readers mind must be adjusted in such a way that they are able to grasp the meaning that lies between the lines.

It is tremendous to see that just a few words, stitched together to create such an impact on the reader’s minds. When such words are perfectly aligned, they make a sentence beautiful. It’s extraordinary to see how some words used together can describe a simple stone lying on the side of the road so alluring. The words have the power to bring life to inanimate things in the minds of the readers. It is never a matter of being small or big, it is the intensity and the depth of the words that really matter in short tales. We just have to look around for inspiration. Every moment of our lives, be it a dog barking, a father scolding his son, a mother cooking food, a bud becoming flower are  all short tales in themselves. Some writers write the beauty behind them on the piece of paper. While the others get inspired by the greatness of such little simple instances.

Many short tales when combined together properly present an entire slideshow of events that have occurred in our lives. Be it love, problems, hatred, success, or failures, every such event is capable to be narrated to others with the purpose of inspiring them to search for their own short tales.

With the All India Inspirational Story competition, we’re trying to infuse the success stories of various people from our country written in beautiful words. A tremendous success story can only be justified by a set of passionate words. Matrubharti is looking for you to submit stories of people who inspire you, people who you think have revolutionised or changed any aspect of our country for the better. What’s great is that you can submit the story in any language of your choosing. The last date for submission is the 13th of November 2016.

We are looking to hear the most inspirational stories, written by incredible writers, both from our nation.

It’s time to combine writing and motivating.

Prizes for the competition

5 Winners  will get Rs. 2500/- Each

10 Winners will get Rs. 1500/- Each

25 Winners will get Rs. 1000/- Each

Winning stories will be published on Matrubharti App as an eBook and will be available for free download to Lacs of Readers 

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Last Date of sending entries is 13th November 2016

Hurry, Start writing, Good Luck

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