Short stories that Inspire: Real Life Heroes

All India Inspirational Story Competition

Short stories have always helped in developing newer and vaster ideas. When you start jotting down your thoughts on paper, stories and instances come to life.

Edgar Allan Poe, Haruki Murukami, Stephen King have always been great propagators of the idea of short stories. Sometimes you need to write a detailed account of just one incident, which involves and revolves around a few characters, stories that are created to amplify the impact of this one single incident. These stories commonly create a poetic atmosphere with the writers usually incorporating gorgeous imageries in their prose.

There are a lot of writers spread across our beautiful country who write beautiful poetry, inspiring short stories, awe-inducing novellas; but they never see the light of day. I remember a teenager I came across in the hills of Himachal, he always carried a diary with him. One time, I asked him to show what was inside the diary, and as soon as I opened the diary, I saw gleaming words. He wrote poems in Hindi, which seemed greater than anything I had ever come across. I asked him if he had shown them to anyone, he just smiled and said, “Nobody would understand my words.”.

This very fear is what resides in the writers of our country.

Art is being confined, and we needed to change that.

Another aspect of our society which remains untapped is the numerous numbers of everyday heroes that reside in our country. Heroes who are yet to be portrayed on the silver-screens; heroes we haven’t heard or read about. Heroes like the Defence personnel who is starving on the border; Teachers who teach to make the next generation better than the previous; Engineers who are changing the landscape of our country; Doctors who are saving patients with terminal diseases. These are the stories that are yet to be discovered by the general public. This is what we aim to change.

With the All India Inspirational Story competition, we’re trying to infuse the success stories of various people from our country written in beautiful words. A tremendous success story can only be justified by a set of passionate words. Matrubharti is looking for you to submit stories of people who inspire you, people who you think have revolutionised or changed any aspect of our country for the better. What’s great is that you can submit the story in any language of your choosing. The last date for submission is the 13th of November 2016.

We are looking to hear the most inspirational stories, written by incredible writers, both from our nation.

It’s time to combine writing and motivating.


Prizes for the competition

5 Winners  will get Rs. 2500/- Each

10 Winners will get Rs. 1500/- Each

25 Winners will get Rs. 1000/- Each

Winning stories will be published on Matrubharti App as an eBook and will be available for free download to Lacs of Readers 

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Last Date of sending entries is 13th November 2016

Hurry, Start writing, Good Luck

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  • मच्छिंद्र माळी औरंगाबाद

    My name is Machhindra Mali Padegaon Aurangabad. I hav not individual private and separate own website . I can write only in marathi. I can not wtite my thinking on ” MATRUBHARATI VYASPITH ” Thaks.
    Machhindra Mali Aurangabad ( मच्छिंद्र माळी औरंगाबाद .)

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