Winners of National Story Competition April 2018

Hello to all Pen Warriors,

Here is the result declaration of National Story competition April 2018.

“Untold War Stories”: The theme of story competition of Apr ’18.

This competition was remain very special for us. We never predict that writers would take much interest in research work. Also, theme was different too. Generally, people can’t take much interest in newer ideas. They don’t involve easily & switch their forte. But, what we have seen! We got at least 5-6 times higher entries for this competition that we have expected.

Thank you writers, you have taken this opportunity as challenge like a soldier. Weapon & pen both can transforms our culture. You have written with your pen who had faced war grounds. That’s the unique thing that we have done. Congratulations to all winners & participant. You all have done very good job. We will come up with very interesting idea soon.

Would you like to participate next time, you will get the information in email if you are registered with us, register today as an author and join the global network of native writers

Link to register is

Congratulations all.

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