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Siddharth Chaaya

Siddharth Chhaya is a graduate with a degree in Bachelor of Arts (History) passed in 1994 from LD Arts College, Gujarat University from Ahmedabad.

His passion towards writing inspired him to become a writer.

Interesting fact about him

He is unique in the sense that most of the authors do not welcome criticism but he asks readers to give frank opinions. He values honesty in writing much. His writings are a good mixture of real life and vivid imagination.

First Story

He first created a blog and when festival of Naagpanchami was around he got an idea and he wrote his first blog on Naagpanchami. After that he chose a subject which was very close to his heart and wrote his debut book ‘Shantanu.’

Contents Published and Appreciated

He has published lots of articles, books and stories such as ’12 Famous Bollywood Love
Stories’, ‘Shantanu’ and ‘Saumitra’ and many more totaling 34 which have been already published in Matrubharti. Most of them are based on Sports and Entertainment and nowadays he is also writing articles on Tech niche as well. He has written three books out of which two books ‘Shantanu’ and ‘Suneha’ are published in hard copy. Other two books are currently appearing in Matrubharti Website viz ‘Shantanu’ and ‘Saumitra’. His third book ‘Suneha’ will soon appear in Matrubharti Website. He has published many articles as a regular columnist with Gujarat Guardian, Surat.

He believes that books by Mr. Praveen Pithadiya, Kandarp Patel and Hiren Kavad are the most read and liked books on Matrubharti.

He gets his ideas from real life incidents and by keeping his keen observation power alert. His theme for articles/books is a mixture of real life and fruitful imagination. He prefers to write in his mother tongue Gujarati language. Romantic stories are his favorite category in literature.

Favorite Authors and Books

He loves Mahatma Gandhi’s honesty and simplicity in writing, citing example of Gandhiji’s autobiography in Gujarati. His favorite books are ‘Satya Na Prayogo’ by Mahatma Gandhi, ‘Sunny Days’ by Sunil Gavaskar and his own book, ‘Shantanu’(He says he has tried to be honest in case of the third book).

Who supported Journey of Writing?

He considers his entire family especially his wife Toral and his best friend forever Anuradha living right now in Canada, as his real support. Even when he was in doldrums not so long ago, he considers both of the ladies who has supported and encouraged him a lot throughout his journey of writing.

Matrubharti’s Role in writing career

When Matrubharti was originally known as Gujarati Pride about three years back, he and Mr. Mahendra Sharma were Facebook friends but one fine evening when he met Mr. Mahendra personally in his office, they discussed about the concept and the future of eBooks. He requested him to publish his novel and he appreciates that Mr. Mahendra gleefully accepted to publish his very first novel ‘Shantanu’.

The most important and best part of Matrubharti which he likes is it gives some kind of remuneration to all the writers which are eligible to get it. This is not a practice anywhere in Gujarat, because he knows and he has gone through it.  It is open and honest towards the download numbers and now all the known and unknown writers are on the same platform which will make it bigger than we can imagine.

He is benefited from Matrubharti and he can’t explain in words, but it has certainly helped him to earn sizable money and gain fame as well.

LIFE mantra

His view about life is “Show must go on.”

Message for Readers

Readers should appreciate the good work of any writer because it is like dessert for writer, but criticism and a healthy criticism is like a daily meal for a writer. So don’t just appreciate a writer of whom you are fan of, but also criticize him for his own betterment, whenever he or she makes a mistake.

He says that from his books/articles readers should expect honesty and they should feel that what is written can happen around them or it has happened already.

Matrubharti is self publishing platform for writers

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