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Lit-O-Fest Mumbai,

now in its 4th chapter, will be held on 21st and 22nd of  April 2018, at the Dublin square in Phoenix Market City, Kurla, Mumbai.

We have become a stepping stone to many aspiring writers, singers, artists, and students to go one step closer to achieving their dream – and we take this responsibility very seriously.

In terms of Social impact, Lit-O-Fest Mumbai has gone a step ahead and Adopted one rural school to promote education in the country, and also provided all basic necessities to restrict the dropout rate which will eventually add to the literacy rate of the nation. We have repaired the school building, set up the free book and toy library, distributed bicycles for rural students, e-education, training for teachers and students, digitization and sanitization going to happen soon, making Dhaigaon in Shahpur District, an ideal self-sufficient village.

Lit-O-Fest Mumbai Festival Director: Smita Parikh
Contact: 022-22813171


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