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There is an unbreakable connection between authors & readers. Whether reader like the writings of any particular writer or dislike it. Insights into writing and reading can be gained by examining relationships between them, with communication as the intent of both the writer & reader. At a common sense level, we understand that writer tries to express ideas & reader tries to receive as it is. Sometimes writer or reader, stuck in that same book for days and weeks and

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Winners of National Story Competition April 2018


Hello to all Pen Warriors, Here is the result declaration of National Story competition April 2018. “Untold War Stories”: The theme of story competition of Apr ’18. This competition was remain very special for us. We never predict that writers would take much interest in research work. Also, theme was different too. Generally, people can’t take much interest in newer ideas. They don’t involve easily & switch their forte. But, what we have seen! We got at least 5-6 times higher entries for this

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Editor’s Corner: તમારી કલમ જ તમારો તકિયાકલામ…!

Just Write

લખવાનું શરુ કરો. લખવા માટે ઘણું બધું છે. પહેલી વાર લખવાનું શરુ કરશો તો માશુકના હોઠોની નરમાઈ સુધી જ પહોંચી શકશો. બીજી વાર લખશો તો તેના દુપટ્ટામાં ફસાઈને કલમ દમ તોડી દે એવું પણ બને. છતાં પણ લખો, કારણ કે ઘણું બધું લખવાનું બાકી છે. રાત્રિના ૧૨ વાગ્યે કોઈ સૂમસામ રેલ્વે સ્ટેશન પર શહેરથી દૂર ભાગવાની કોશિશ કરી રહેલા એ બંને પ્રેમીઓના હૃદયમાં ધબ-ધબ કરતાં એ ગભરાટ વિષે લખો. તેમને પણ ખબર પડવી તો જોઈએ કે તેમના ધબકારને પણ કોઈ

Writing Competition : Untold War Stories – April 2018


Matrubharti presents, National writing Competition – April 2018.  Competition theme: Untold War Stories *Rules for National writing Competition (April 2018): Submit the war story through your Author panel. (For the new authors: visit register yourself as an Author & get your Author panel. Login to your Author panel & submit the story.) Keep primary heading as ‘Untold War Stories’ & secondary heading should be the name of your war story. A war story should contain minimum 2000 words & maximum word limit is 5000 words. The last date for submission of

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Lit-O-Fest : India’s top rated Art, literature and Music festival

lit o fest poster

Lit-O-Fest Mumbai, now in its 4th chapter, will be held on 21st and 22nd of  April 2018, at the Dublin square in Phoenix Market City, Kurla, Mumbai. We have become a stepping stone to many aspiring writers, singers, artists, and students to go one step closer to achieving their dream – and we take this responsibility very seriously. In terms of Social impact, Lit-O-Fest Mumbai has gone a step ahead and Adopted one rural school to promote education in the country, and also provided

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Winners of National Story Competition February 2018

Writing competition winners feb 2018

Dear authors, Here is the result of National Story competition February 2018. “Letter to your Valentine”: The theme of story competition of Feb ’18 We get various letters from different writers of assorted Languages. All writers have shown their creative ideas that we can’t even think about. We get very emotional, romantic, crisp, chubby, & touchy stories. The Gujarati’s are more romantic than other languages? Just kidding. But all the languages have shown greater love towards writing a letter to her/his valentine. Hindi and Marathi writers showed its

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Writing Competition : Letter to your Valentine – February 2018


Matrubharti presents, National writing Competiton – Feb.  Competition theme: Letter to your Valentine *Rules for National writing Competition (February): – Submit the letter through your Author panel. (For the new author: visit register yourself as Author & get your Author panel. Go to your Author panel & publish the story.) – Keep primary heading ‘Letter to your Valentine’ & secondary heading should be the name of your letter. – A letter containing minimum 1000 words should be approved. (Max word limit: 2000

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Tea Break with Author’s @Surat National Book Fair 2018

It was a memorable evening with all authors @Surat National book fair 2018. Matrubharti praises you all writers to attend our ‘Tea break with authors’. We had lots of fun. We talked about stories, topics & much more. How a writer thinks, how they decide plot for a Novel, how they connect with writers, which kind of content they read for particular writing, which writers they like-follow, whom they inspire, what is the connecting point between writer & reader, How

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National Story Competition – January 2018


Rules for National Story Competition (January): Submit your story through your Author panel. (For the new author: visit register yourself as Author & get your Author panel. Go to your Author panel & publish the story.) Keep primary heading ‘National Story Competition-Jan’ & secondary heading should be the name of your story. A story containing minimum 800 words should be approved. (Max word limit: 2000 words) The last date for submission of the story will be 31st January 2018. The announcement of the

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ઉત્તરાયણ: માતૃભારતીનું શાળાના બાળકો તરફ ‘અયન’

Kids with Kites

માતૃભારતી તરફથી ઉત્તરાયણ નિમિત્તે મ્યુનિસિપલ કૉર્પોરેશનની શાળાઓમાં કાઈટ ડિસ્ટ્રીબ્યુશન કરવામાં આવ્યું હતું. લગભગ દસથી વધુ સ્કૂલોમાં આ પ્રવૃત્તિ હાથ ધરવામાં આવી હતી. લગભગ બધા મળીને ચાર-પાંચ હજાર બાળકોને પ્રત્યક્ષ મળવાનું થયું અને તેમના ચહેરા પરનું નિર્દોષ હાસ્ય એ અમારી સફળતા બની. તેમની સાથે બાળક બનીને સમય પસાર કરવાનો આનંદ અવર્ણનીય રહ્યો. હાથમાં પતંગ જોઈને દરેક સ્કૂલમાં એકથી વધુ બાળકો એવા મળ્યા કે જેમણે કહ્યું, “સર! અમને જ આપવાના છો ને પતંગ? આ ચીલ હું ઊડાવીશ. આ વખતે એમ પણ ઘરેથી

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